1. "We commit to respecting diversity in all its forms and to maintaining an inclusive attitude towards all individuals involved in our work.
  2. We pledge to maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive client information (such as participant names, business strategies, processes, photos, or internal documents).
  3. Information that participants disclose to us during training and coaching sessions is also considered confidential. We will only provide feedback to the client in general and aggregated terms, never on an individual basis. If such feedback must be provided, we will share it with the participants before commencing work.
  4. We are committed to putting forth our utmost effort and utilizing our experience to make the activities we provide useful, enjoyable, and engaging. We are aware that the project's success depends on the commitment and involvement of both the client and the participants.
  5. We pledge to employ the best communication and coaching style tailored to the individuals with whom we interact.
  6. We commit to encouraging participants to develop a concrete action plan and to implement what they have learned together. We are aware that it is the responsibility of the individual and the company to carry out the defined actions.
  7. We do not accept assignments aimed at manipulating or coercing individuals who should always be free to choose who they are and how they act.
  8. If we feel unable to pursue an assignment due to objectives we do not share or if the client engages in unethical behavior, we reserve the right to terminate the working relationship.
  9. We commit to using research-based methodologies and concepts, avoiding pseudosciences or similar practices.
  10. We pledge to prioritize sustainability in the choice of materials, locations, and support services.