We believe there is always "another way" to see and do things and that's what our customers can expect from us, in other words

the "Otherwise way": pragmatism, sophisticated simplicity, constant engagement, challenge, innovation, fun, originality of vision and approach.


Train for astonishment

We embrace current time complexity to accompany people and organizations in exploring the “otherwise” possible.
We believe: in cooperation and in the ethicality of human interactions, in acting with care and love, in daring for learning, in the seed of authenticity.
We practice: seriously the lightness, unknown places, the beauty of vertigos, transformation trough actions.


Behavioural training, Workshop design and facilitation, Management Consulting, Coaching, Team Coaching, Lego Serious Play facilitation , Information Design, Visual Tools and Meeting Design, Unconventional Events Creations & Animation, Assessment Center Design & Delivery, Graphic Recording.


It is always “ad hoc”:
we understand your challenges.

As a chef
we select
the best ingredients

and the best

to "cook"
a tailor-made dish
for you.